Fethullah Gülen sur Le Monde: « L’échec de l’expérience démocratique turque n’est pas dû à l’adhésion aux valeurs islamiques mais à leur trahison »

Contrairement àce que démontre le pouvoir autoritaire d’Erdogan en Turquie, il est possible deconstruire une démocratie musulmane respectueuse de l’Etat de droit, défend,dans une tribune au « Monde », l’opposant exilé aux Etats-Unis. Il fut un temps où la...

Gulen on Le Monde: “Islam is Compatible with Democracy, Despite Turkey’s Recent Example”

For the original French version  Turkey was hailed as an example for a modern Muslimdemocracy during the early 2000s. The current ruling party that came to powerin 2002 implemented reforms that were aligned with the European Union’sdemocratic standards and the...

We are looking for new team members!

Social Media Manager IDP offers a part-time employment possibility (19h/week) for graduates in its office in Brussels. The qualifications we are looking for in this position: • A degree in communications, design, graphics, or a related field • Excellent knowledge of...

CIVITAS | Digital toolkit on non-formal approach to fostering active citizenship among youth

After the successful completion of the training course Promoting Active Citizenship through Youth Work in the framework of the CIVITAS Project, in Zadar in spring 2022, Udruga Prizma, in cooperation with the consortium partners, has created a toolkit with promising...

CIVITAS Training on promoting active citizenship through youth work 

At a time when European societies have never been so pressured and polarised in the context of the post-pandemic, the Ukrainian crisis and climate change, it is important to highlight the key role of European youth in building a better future. With political...

Call for Intercultural Youth Advisors!

Are you interested in sharing your ideas, providing feedback, vocalizing the needs of young people, gaining insights and professional experience in European civil society projects? Apply now and become a member of IDP’s Intercultural Youth Advisory Board!Intercultural...

Core Values of the Hizmet Movement

The Hizmet movement is a civil society movement committed to peaceful coexistence and service to humanity based on social responsibility and philanthropy. The movement prioritises education, dialogue, and humanitarian aid in its activities by centring on the concept...
Debate on “The Future of Gulen Movement in Europe”
Debate on “The Future of Gulen Movement in Europe”

Roundtable Lunch Discussion with Prof. Johan Leman, KU Leuven University and Prof. Thijl Sunier, VU University Amsterdam.
Anthropologist Sunier and Leman have discussed “The Future of Gülen Movement in Europe: Influence of Turkish Politics After the Coup Attempt” followed by Q&A session.

Brides of ISIS
Brides of ISIS

Roundtable Discussion with Dr. Anne Speckhard on the topic of
Brides of ISIS: The Internet Seduction of Western Females into ISIS
on Thursday, 16 March 2017