Event Details

Dialogue Platform is delighted to host the Roundtable Discussion and Book Launch of The Spirituality of Responsibility: Fethullah Gülen and Islamic Thought by Simon Robinson. 

The discussion will explore what kind of approach of Fethullah Gülen’s writings and the practices of the Hizmet movement has inspired so many Muslims, and also engaged with people of other religions and none throughout the world.  

Gülen has been at the centre of many controversies, including in his Movement’s relationship with the Turkish government, from the Israeli Gaza blockade through to more recent crises,  inevitably this has raised questions about how Gülen and the Movement relate to politics, and how his views on democracy might be developed in practice.

The major questions are not just about what Gülen means by responsibility, but how it is practised, for example;
– Is Gülen simply a writer or are his words of immediate political relevance?
– How is the Movement led?
– How does the leadership responsibility and  accountability practiced in the Movement? 

In The Spirituality of Responsibility, Simon Robinson evaluates the responses of Gülen and critiques aspects of both the practice and underlying ideas. We will have the opportunity to have an interactive discussion with him in Brussels on 27th September.
Prof Simon Robinson developed his academic work in business ethics and pastoral and social theology at Oxford, Heriot Watt, Edinburgh and Leeds Universities. He now focuses on business and professional ethics, the nature and practice of responsibility, responsibility and pedagogy, governance, and leadership ethics across all sectors. Among his publications: Moral Meaning and Pastoral Counselling; (ed. with Chris Megone) Case Histories in Business Ethics; Living Wills; (with Kevin Kendrick and Alan Brown) Spirituality and Healthcare; Ministry Amongst Students; (ed. with Clement Katulushi) Values in Higher Education; (with Ross Dixon, Chris Preece and Kris Moodley) Engineering, Business and Professional Ethics.