Shaping the Future of Europe: Youth Dialogues at the European Parliament

On May 6-7, in a dynamic convergence of ideas and insights, young minds from across Europe gathered at the European Parliament’s Info Hub for a two-day event aimed at shaping the future of Europe. Organized by the Intercultural Dialogue Platform in collaboration with partners from the Citizen Z project and Stand Up for Europe, and in partnership with the European Parliament, the event served as a platform for reflection, dialogue, and action in the run-up to the European elections.

Dialogue for Europe's future: Insightful conversations with EP candidate Bram Van Hecke

On Tuesday, April 30, 2024, the spirit of engagement and dialogue that began at STAM Europa on April 9 continued to flourish as the Intercultural Dialogue Platform (IDP) hosted a follow-up event. This time, the setting was the intimate surroundings of IDP offices, providing the perfect backdrop for a candid conversation with Mr. Bram Van Hecke, a 28-year-old Belgian candidate running for the European Parliament under the EPP banner with the CD&V party. The event aimed to delve deeper into Mr. Van Hecke’s vision for Europe and allowed for lively discussions between him and the audience.

Youth Engagement Takes Center Stage: Meet Your Future Policymakers Event Bridges Gap Between Candidates and Electorate

In the heart of Brussels, at STAM Europa, a unique and crucial dialogue unfolded on April 9, bringing together aspiring European Parliament candidates and the vibrant voices of youth representatives. The event, titled “Meet Your Future Policymakers: Youth and EP Candidates in Dialogue,” organised by the Intercultural Dialogue Platform and Stand Up for Europe, aimed to foster direct engagement between candidates and potential electors ahead of the pivotal 2024 European Elections.

Intercultural Iftar Evening at the European Parliament

The Intercultural Iftar Dinner at the European Parliament brought together representatives from diverse cultural and religious communities in the spirit of fostering our shared hopes and values to nurture a culture of living together, characterised by mutual understanding and respect for our differences.

Innovative Deliberative Practices for Youth Engagement Echo Through the Halls of European Parliament

The Civil Society Outreach Unit of the European Parliament, together with InfoHub at the European Parliament in Brussels, co-hosted the second edition of Deliberative Democracy Days, a pivotal event under the ambit of the two-year EU-funded Citizen Z project coordinated by the Intercultural Dialogue Platform.

“SDGs Conference 2023: In the Margins of UNGA 78” in New York City

In the week of 18th of September, the Intercultural Dialogue Platform (IDP) attended the 2-day conference entitled “SDGs Conference 2023: In the Margins of the UNGA 78”, organised by the Journalists and Writers Foundation at the John Jay College in New York.

Deliberative Democracy and Youth Engagement – Citizens’ Assemblies across Europe

On October 10, at the SQUARE Brussels Meeting Centre, the Intercultural Dialogue Platform and the Citizen Z project partners organized a political lab entitled “Deliberative Democracy and Youth Engagement – Youth Citizens’ Assemblies across Europe”.

Core Values of the Hizmet Movement

Core Values of the Hizmet Movement outlines 12 values common to Hizmet participants and pursued by Hizmet-oriented organizations. Although these values have existed in the movement for decades, the new document concisely codifies the tenets that have appeared in the movement’s inspirational documents, discourse, and activities.


Intercultural Dialogue Platform (IDP) is a Brussels based non-profit civil society organisation, aiming at mutual understanding and harmonious interaction among people of different cultural backgrounds.


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A society where universal values are shared, cooperation is cherished, and people live in peace and harmony.


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Intercultural Understanding

Inter-faith dialogue

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Prevention of Radicalism

Combating Intolerance

Gender Equality


 is a civil society movement committed to peaceful coexistence and service to humanity based on social responsibility and philanthropy.



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