Event Details

The Intercultural Dialogue Platform, in collaboration with the Citizen Z Project partners, Stand Up for Europe, and in partnership with the European Parliament, is organising a two-day event aimed at strengthening young people’s involvement in civic and democratic life through deliberative practices while building momentum in anticipation of the upcoming European elections.

The event has a dual purpose. Firstly, it aims to share and disseminate preliminary findings and recommendations resulting from the application of deliberative practices within the EU-funded Citizen Z project, spanning Croatia, Italy, Belgium, and the Netherlands. Secondly, it strives to invigorate youth engagement in democratic processes, promoting active participation in elections and fostering meaningful discussions among policymakers, youth representatives and young activists, civil society and youth associations.

The comprehensive two-day program will feature a diverse range of activities, including panel discussions, presentations, workshops, and networking opportunities. This event is tailored for civil society organisations, practitioners, researchers, academics engaged in democratic innovations, young individuals, youth associations and representatives, teachers, youth workers, policymakers, and public authorities representatives. The event is part of the two-year EU-funded project entitled Citizen Z: Strengthening the Participation of Young Citizens in Democratic and Civic Life, where deliberative methods are applied to stimulate young people’s interest in civic and political affairs, actively involving them in the decision-making process.

If you are interested in joining us, please register here: https://forms.gle/sEemCQekFBCU3gb88 

For more information about the event, please refer to the website: www.citizenz.eu