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Roundtable Discussion

SALAFISM AND JIHADISM: Between Religion and Politics
with Dr. Mohamed-Ali ADRAOUI , The Middle East Institute 

Thursday, 4th May 2017 at 12:00- 14:00

Dialogue Platform, Rue Montoyer 31, Brussels 1000

As the horrible terror attacks shaken the cities of Europe, no topic has captured the public attention as much as  the global jihadism. While much has been said about the way jihadists behave, their ideology remains poorly understood.

In his presentation, Dr. Mohamed-Ali ADRAOUI will be providing the answers to the following critical questions on the route of understanding this contemporary matter:

– What is the role of Salafi beliefs in the current radicalization processes’ and what can we learn from an empirical investigation on Jihadists today?

– What are the religious justifications to violence in schools referring to the Salafi creed and this can help to explain current situations of conflicts nowadays?

– What is the part of ‘strict’ political considerations in the Salafi and Jihadi mobilizations today?

About the speaker
Dr. Mohamed-Ali ADRAOUI is a political and social scientist working on contemporary International Relations, the Islamic World, Political Islam and Salafist currents. Dr Adraoui is currently a Senior Fellow at the Middle East Institute at the National University of Singapore. His well-known work is “Du Golfe aux banlieues – Le salafisme mondlialisé” was published by French Universty Press in 2013.