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28 November 2022, Monday

19:00 – 21:00

Chapel for Europe  –  Rue Van Maerlant 22/24, 1040 Bruxelles 


You are cordially invited to the opening reception of the #StopPushbacks Art Exhibition at the Chapel for Europe.


This exhibition draws attention to the illegal and inhumane refoulements at the Turkish-Greek border.

During the exhibition, visitors walk past the exhibited works of art. These artworks offer insights into the hard journey of the refugees.

The animations of Anne Hofstede are presented on multiple screens. Together the screens form a panoramic image showing parts of the victims’ testimonies. The videos reveal personal stories using perishable materials. Fragile paper that almost falls apart. Dark charcoal drawings fade but always leave an imprint, like all the memories the refugees will take with them.

The walk then leads to a paper sculpture. The sculpture consists of layers of photo prints of rock walls.  As you walk around it, the voices of the refugees left behind in the “landscape” can be heard in a soft tone. With this artwork, Annegien Haselager aims to visualise a journey that begins again and again. The height of the rock wall makes it difficult to look ahead, the future is uncertain.

The walk ends at a table project by Nell Berger. Visitors are invited to engage in a conversation about violence and human rights violations at the border. A richly endowed table… To what extent do we want to share and allow others to eat with us?

This art exhibition is part of the #StopPushbacks initiative. For more information: www.stoppushbacks.eu

Artist: www.annegienhaselager.nl



Partner organisations:

Chapel for Europe

Solidarity with Others AISBL

Human Righs Defenders e.v.

Jesuit Refugee Service Europe

Intercultural Dialogue Platform ASBL

Peace and Justice ASBL