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Roundtable Lunch Discussion Series

The Cartoon Affair:  Consequences on Discrimination, Tolerance and Coexistence


Dr. Tina Gudrun Jensen, Centre for Advanced Migration Studies, University of Copenhagen

Thursday, 21 April 2016 / 14:00 – 15:30

Dialogue Platform, Rue Montoyer 31, Brussels

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The case of Danish cartoon affair started a decade ago, and thus calls for a status account. While the cartoon affair may have had ambiguously different outcomes, it also reflects a never ending story about ethnic, cultural and religious diversity and coexistence not only in Denmark but also in Europe. Drawing on different empirical data from public debates, media representation and ethnographic studies on everyday lives in multi-ethnic neighbourhoods in Copenhagen, this presentation explores and discusses the consequences of the cartoon affair on issues of discrimination, tolerance and coexistence in Denmark.

About the Speaker

Dr. Tina Gudrun Jensen holds a MA in the sociology of religion and PhD in anthropology. She is affiliated with the Centre for Advanced Migration Studies, at the University of Copenhagen. She has done research on migration, cultural and religious diversity, cultural complexity, social integration and urban spaces. Her research includes new Muslim identities and institutions in Denmark. Her work focuses on inter-ethnic relations and coexistence comprising processes of inclusion and exclusion, tolerance and discrimination. From 2010-2013 she was steering group member and PI of the EU-project The Semantics of Tolerance and (anti-) Discrimination in Europe: Institutions and Civil Society in a Comparative Perspective (TOLERACE).