Brussels, Belgium – 06 November 2023


A Call for Peace and Dignity Amidst the Israel-Gaza Conflict


The recent escalation of violence between Israel and Gaza has already taken an extensive toll on human lives. The Intercultural Dialogue Platform stands against all forms of violence, suffering and loss of lives. We offer our profound condolences to both Israeli and Palestinian families who have suffered the loss of their loved ones. We firmly uphold the belief that every individual, as a member of the human family, is inherently equal and deserves to be treated with unwavering dignity and respect in accordance with the principles enshrined in Human Rights. We urge European leaders and the wider international community to take action in upholding the principles of human rights and dignity. Finally, we call for an immediate ceasefire and free passage for humanitarian aid.


IDP expresses its concern over the surge in hate speech and hate crimes directed at both Jewish and Muslim communities in Europe, stemming from spillovers from the conflict and the dehumanising language used by individuals within civil society, politicians and media throughout the EU. All possible actions should be taken to address this issue and prevent further harm to these affected communities.


Based in the heart of the European Union, Brussels, IDP emphasises the significance of fostering peace and harmony across Europe. As part of our ongoing dedication to advancing this objective, IDP is reiterating its commitment to promoting peace and harmony by facilitating meaningful dialogue among individuals from diverse religious backgrounds, cultures, and worldviews. We firmly believe that interfaith and intercultural dialogue serves as a potent instrument for cultivating a culture of living together not only in Europe but also extending beyond its borders.



Intercultural Dialogue Platform (IDP) is a non-profit civil society organization that promotes active citizenship, social inclusion, and peaceful co-existence to foster mutual understanding and harmonious interaction among people from diverse cultural backgrounds. Founded in 2000, IDP fosters debate and analysis on issues such as inter-cultural and inter-faith dialogue, social cohesion, and peacebuilding in both Belgian and European contexts. For more info and contact: ,

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