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The Hizmet (Gülen) Movement: Inspiration, Mindset, Relevance and Controversy

Tuesday, 3rd February 2015, 13.30 pm-15:00 pm


What is the Hizmet Movement? Where does it stand on European values?

Why is there so much controversy about it, particularly in Turkey?

Is the Hizmet Movement a threat as argued by President Erdogan?

Hosted by

Alexander Graf Lambsdorff,

Vice-President of the European Parliament



Ihsan Yilmaz, associate professor at Fatih University, Istanbul

& Ozcan Keles, chairperson of Dialogue Society, London

The Hizmet Movement has increasingly attracted European and international attention, in particular in light of recent events in Turkey. The movement has also become more visible due to its evolving transnational character and its increasing capacity to attract people to carry out projects in the fields of education, intercultural understanding, diversity and humanitarian aid. But the movement also triggers controversy. Some question its objectives, its organizational style, its role in politics and the extent of its impact.

This panel debate aims to offer an insider perspective of the Hizmet Movement in order to better understand it, the controversy surrounding it and its relevance for Europe. This is a unique opportunity to ask any questions you might have about the movement.