Core Values of the Hizmet Movement

Core Values of the Hizmet Movement outlines 12 values common to Hizmet participants and pursued by Hizmet-oriented organizations. Although these values have existed in the movement for decades, the new document concisely codifies the tenets that have appeared in the movement’s inspirational documents, discourse, and activities.


Intercultural Dialogue Platform (IDP) is a Brussels based non-profit civil society organisation, aiming at mutual understanding and harmonious interaction among people of different cultural backgrounds.


A society where universal values are shared, cooperation is cherished, and people live in peace and harmony.


Citizenship and engagement
Intercultural Understanding
Inter-faith dialogue

Social Projects

Social Inclusion Prevention of Radicalism Combating Intolerance Gender Equality


 is a civil society movement committed to peaceful coexistence and service to humanity based on social responsibility and philanthropy.



“The House of Service: The Gülen Movement and Islam’s Third Way”
David Tittensor

David Tittensor offers a groundbreaking new perspective on the Gülen movement, a Turkish Muslim educational activist network that emerged in the 1960s and has grown into…


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